How to Make Handmade Dolls?

If you wish to make a handmade doll, there are so many ways on how you can go about it. First, you have to gather all the equipment before you start the process of assembling them. Some of the equipment that you will need are: Yarn, Chopstick, polyester, pins, needle, cotton Jersey of 10 inches which is square in shape, doll template and washable fabric of 10 by 18 inches.

Cut the fabric – You can start by folding a piece of washable material which is 10 by 18 inches, lay the template on the fabric.

Stitch the fabric – You can start at one side on the outer edge of the leg at the bottom so that you can stitch it up to the arm. Repeat the same with the other side of the leg.

Roll batting – Try tie cut strips of wool which are 2 by 7 inches and lay them in a star shape. Try to roll more batting to the ball and place them on a star. Try to bring the strips up and around the ball by using a chopstick so that you can push the batting inside the head for it to be firm.

Making the feet, hands, and head – You can tie the thread which is the same color as the fabric around the head so that you can create the neck. When it comes to feet and hands, you will place a ball batting of 1 inch on every square and tighten them using a thread.

For you to have a stuffed body, you can use a gathering stitch so that you can tighten the neck opening. You will have to slip the head to the neck opening. By using a skin colored thread with a doubled length you can whipstitch the head into the body and then fold into under the raw edge of the body.

By using the pins sew the yarn in loops so that they can be in place by making an extra, tiny anchoring stitch after every end of each loop. For you to have excellent features for your doll you can insert the threaded needle which has embroidery through the back of the head.

You can snip the loops of the fluff and hair by using your fingers so that you can best shape the face.